Raise Him Up Christian Publications


Raise Him Up Christian Publications was founded in 1967 by Martin Hogan and Bill Kemp to provide good quality printing at a reasonable price for a group of Christians involved in the Charismatic Renewal. It moved into the field of more general printing to help subsidise its Christian work. This led to the purchase of a small business in North London, specialising in short-run colour litho printing. The company operated under another name for a number of years, but when Martin went to theological college in 1984 he sold the business but retained the name and the publishing side.


Over the years RHU Publications has published many booklets, tracts, training and teaching material, as well as privately published paperbacks.


Leading up to, and since his retirement from full time Christian Ministry, Martin has re-invested in Christian publishing and in the last few years has published full colour church and diocesan magazines, paperbacks, tracts, and stationary.


The purchase of a Hot Glue Perfect Binding machine, publishing has taken on a new meaning! From the early days of Duplicators and litho machines to the latest full colour digital printers RHU Publications has sought to provide quality and service at an affordable cost.


Designed by Martin Hogan

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